Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The corrupt and cowardly Castro brothers are now attacking women who march peacefully in Cuba

Repression has always existed in Cuba.  It goes back to the early days of the Castro dictatorship. 

We recall when Castro and his thugs betrayed the democratic aspirations of many Cubans and imposed a communist dictatorship with Soviet tanks & weapons. 

We remember when newspapers were closed and priests expelled as the new communist leadership slowly strangled the island.  Cuba's many newspapers were replaced by Granma, the voice of the regime.  Cuba's new leadership took God out of the culture and education.

All of us have a personal  connection to the Cuban political prisons.  Every family in the US had a family member who served in prison or has a friend who had terrible experience.

Cuba has been a police state for years.  However, we have never seen it like this in quite some time.

Like many of you, I check The Babalu Blog everyday and read the horrific stories of torture, repression and beatings in Cuba.

Over the last few months, "Las damas en blanco", a courageous and freedom loving group of women who dress in white, have been marching around the island and demanding freedom for their husbands and food for their children.

The "damas" have been targeted by the regime's secret police.  They represent a huge threat to a regime slolwy but surely falling apart and losing public support. 

P.S. Check out our interview with Raul Garcia and Mercedes Perdigon, friends of the show and pro-Cuban freedom activists:

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