Monday, February 27, 2012

President Obama, the apology & and gasoline prices

Pres BO has two big problems:  high (and  higher) gasoline prices and a mob in Afghanistan emboldened by the apology.

What do these problems have in common?  Leadership and projecting weakness or confusion.

Let's look at gasoline prices.

Yes, it's true that oil prices are connected to international factors, such as supply & demand, the Middle East crisis and the growth of cars in China & India.

At the same time, Pres BO has been sending daily messages that he is "anti-oil" and would prefer a world where people drive electric cars and operate under some kind of "green technology".

Unfortunately, we are still going to need "oil" to run our cars and factories.  Also, "green tech" is years away.

So what happens when you don't authorize more drilling for oil in the US or you reject The Keystone Pipeline?  The answer is that we have less reliable oil and future prices go up.

No leadership or vision.

Over in Afghanistan, we saw a mob attack and kill US soldiers over allegations of mishandling a Koran.

What was the point of the President of the US apologizing?  We should have heard "a low volume" apology and that is it.  It made no sense to elevate this incident to the level of a presidential statement.

How are the Afghan mobs reacting to our apologies?  They are emboldened and more aggressive.

Again, no leadership and too much apologizing.

We warned all of the "yes we can" screamers that the world was a lot more complicated than just blaming everything on Bush.  Unfortunately, too many of Obama's voters fell for the nonsense that we had to be "nicer" in order to project empathy.

We are being "nice" but no one seems to be appreciating it.  On the contrary, 2 soldiers are dead and others at risk.

Last, but not least, I am growing more and more impatient with Pres BO's handling of the Afghanistan War.

Yes, I supported sending 30,000 troops.  I also supported Pres BO's decision to make a stand over there.

However, I don't like the weakness projected, such as publicly announcing our withdrawal.  What was the point of that?

Also, Pres BO has not told NATO to get in the game and allow their soldiers to fight.  It makes no sense to have a NATO operation without all of the NATO countries on the battle field.

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