Monday, February 13, 2012

Too much BO: Do we need a president telling insurance companies to provide birth control?

Pres BO is trying to change the conversation and get back on track after making that very stupid and tone-deaf decision about contraceptives.

Pres BO is now dumping it on insurance companies.  They will now be expected to provide birth control treatment for free.

Isn't this man great at spending other people's money?  Wonder why we still have a trillion dollar deficit?  (Obama budget to miss deficit goal)

There are many problems with dumping this on insurance companies:

First, there is no such thing as a free lunch or birth control pill.  Someone will have to pay.  The WSJ editorial is correct:

"Insurance companies won't be making donations. Drug makers will still charge for the pill. Doctors will still bill for reproductive treatment. The reality, as with all mandated benefits, is that these costs will be borne eventually via higher premiums."

Second, where exactly does Pres BO, or the federal government, get the authority to force a private company to offer something for free?  What else?  Are we going to force Hollywood to give away "movies for free"?  Where do you stop?

Once again, we see that the Obama administration is all about getting in our face with its values and in our pockets to fund its programs.

We learned a lot this week about BO-Care.  Let's hope that the Justices are watching this travesty and move to throw out this expansion of the federal government.

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