Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some thoughts on college graduates and the jobs market

It's almost June and time for graduation ceremonies and parties.  It is also time to take a look at higher education and the students that we are graduating.

I found this report rather striking:

"One reason there may not be so many grads hired is that many employers don't believe college graduates are trained properly.
A survey of 500 hiring managers by recruitment firm Adecco, found that a majority—66 percent— believe new college graduates are not prepared for the workforce after leaving college. Fifty-eight percent said they were not planning to hire entry level graduates this year, and among those managers hiring, 69 percent said they plan to bring on only one or two candidates.
"Too many students are graduating with a weak background in science and math," said Mauri Ditzler, president of Monmouth College."  (CNBC)

There are no simple answers but we could try a couple of things:

1) Stop handing out so many loans to students.  All we are doing is creating a generation of young people under-employed and in debt

2) Encourage more high school to purse vocational training.  We need more plumbers and roofers.  Frankly, there is more money in roofing and plumbing than literature; and,

3) Have every high school student check out Aaron Clarey's "Worthless":

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