Saturday, April 06, 2013

Immigration reform should not be so complicated!

Yesterday, we learned that "legalization" could cost trillions in welfare.  You can forget "legalization" if this is true.

We also heard about cracks in border security. Again, you won't get a bill out of the House, or even the US Senate, without border security.

Frankly, immigration should not be so complicated.  

Immigration reform should be about:

1) Enforcing existing laws. The US has every right to have immigration laws. I hated it when people act as if the US is not supposed to have immigration laws or restrict who comes into the country. Maybe some of these people should try moving to another country.  Better than that, go down to the Mexico consulate and request an application for a "work visa" in Mexico. I did that in the 1980s and the paperwork was unbelievable.  I also had to prove to the Mexican government that I wouldn't be a burden to the state south of the border!

2) Securing the border is a matter of national security.  We already had a 9-11.  Let's take political correctness out of the discussion and protect the country. How can anyone seriously propose a reform without securing the borders? (By the way, it's time for Americans to hear that our consumption of illegal drugs is what is funding the Mexican cartels and making the border so dangerous).

3) Attracting the best and brightest around the world who want to bring their talents here.  Let's make it easier for people to come here, open a business and create jobs. Wonder how many enterprising young businessmen in Europe are dying to leave that sick continent and bring their talents here?  Wouldn't it be great if we were opening our doors to people around the world who want to practice capitalism?

4) It makes no sense to give benefits to people who are on some path to legalization. How can Medicaid survive by adding 10 million people to its rolls? 

5) Last, but not least, formalizing a "low skilled worker" visa, such as the "brasero" program that worked so well in the 1950's. Sorry but most Americans do not want to pick tomatoes or clean hotel rooms.

Again, immigration reform should not be so complicated. 

The bad news is that the Democrats are using immigration reform to pander to Hispanics rather than fixing a broken system. The Democrats love to give speeches but they are not serious about fixing anything.  They want the issue so that they can distract Hispanics  from unemployment, lousy pubic schools and their opposition to free trade agreements with Latin America.

The good news is that the GOP will not allow immigration reform to be rushed like ObamaCare was back in 2009. In other words, we won't have to pass it to learn what's in it!

In the meantime, there are many of us who can not understand why it's so complicated to fix a broken immigration system!  It shouldn't be.  Immigration reform should be about making the US economically stronger not about getting more Hispanics to vote Democrat.

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