Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston attacks will complicate immigration reform

We will all say a special prayer this Sunday for the families tragically impacted by the terrorists and the officers killed in action.  

This is a weekend for prayers and patriotic celebrations.  Eventually, we will get back to normal. 

It goes without saying that immigration reform will get a lot harder to do.  Fair or unfair but it will be that way.

The Gang of 8 was hoping to focus heavily on economics and justice.  The debate will now focus on domestic security.   This is not where the Gang of 8 wanted to spend their time.  

POLITICO ran this quote from an immigration supporter:

"Brent Wilkes, a prominent immigration reform advocate and head of the League of United Latin American Citizens, told POLITICO earlier this week that if "somehow the person who did this was an immigrant, that would be something that would certainly make it harder for us to usher legislation through both the Senate and the House.""

Mr Wilkes is right.  The public is going to be in a very bad mood over the next few months.  They will demand that the federal government protects us form young men trained & radicalized on the internet.     

The immigration debate will also highlight the porous US-Mexico border.  This is the point where the whole bill could come undone.  The reality is that large segments of the Mexican side of the border are controlled by cartels funded by our consumption of illegal drugs!

I know that Senator Rubio has assured us that nothing will happen until the border is secured.  I believe him but the public is naturally skeptical.

Don't get me wrong.  I want a sensible immigration plan that offers some working here a path to legalization NOT citizenship.  I would like to see more skilled immigrants come to the US and bring their talents. 

Unfortunately, the Boston terrorist incident highlights the reality that some of our immigration laws are not being enforced.  It will be very difficult to argue for the legalization of 11 million after Boston and last month's jobs numbers.

Sorry but immigration reform is now in real trouble.  And you can't blame voters for asking for a better accounting of who is in the country and what they are doing here.
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