Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pres BO once again wrong on Iraq

Pres BO "shamelessly" took credit for ending the war in Iraq.  He did it before a VFW group.  My guess is that most military veterans were shocked to watch such an outrageous and self serving comment by a president who just loves talking about himself.

Let's talk reality.

First, Pres Bush ended the Iraq War.  He won it and then negotiated the agreement that pulled our troops out.  Pres BO simply followed the agreement and carried out the Bush policy.

Second, Pres BO's Iraq War remarks were not directed at the veterans in the hall.  They were directed at the left who is not happy that "the anti-Bush of 2008"  turned out to be Bush III on Iraq, GITMO and indefinite detention.  Where is the change?

Third, Iraq is falling apart because we walked away and did not leave a military presence.    We did in South Korea and Germany.  We did not in Iraq and it is our hurting our interests.

"All Obama ended in Iraq was our position of strategic influence there, a priceless position gained after a horrifying sacrifice. 

Just imagine what the fate of Germany and Japan (and of democracy) might have been if we had abandoned those countries’ nascent democratic institutions at the start of the Cold War? 

We learned in the years after World War I that democracies are most vulnerable to subversion and demagoguery when they are youngest. 

It was the long-term presence of U.S. troops that allowed stable institutions of democratic politics and flourishing commerce to sink deep roots in Japan, South Korea, Germany, and elsewhere on the periphery of the free world. 

A long-term presence in Iraq would have allowed us to do much the same, standing as bulwark against Iranian influence and guiding Iraq to a role of democratic leadership in a part of the world that desperately needs modern democracy to succeed.

Instead Obama utterly neglected Iraq, and made no effort to maintain the strategic position that the Bush administration bequeathed to him. 

As elsewhere in the Middle East, the Obama administration has merely presided over the erosion of American influence, leaving us far less able to safeguard our most vital interests, or ensure the future peace and prosperity of the Middle East. 

And that’s a “responsible end” to the war in Iraq? Please."

Let's hope that Iraq does not fall apart, specially in light of what we are watching in Syria, Egypt & Libya.

By the way, Gov Romney leads Pres BO, our current commander in chief, by a huge 59-35% margin in a Rasmussen poll of military veterans.  Do you recall a recent commander in chief who did this poorly with military veterans?  I can't.  At the same time, I understand why.

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