Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wonder how many "hispanos" understand that they voted for the most pro-abortion president in US history?

We've learned that the Obama administration wants to double down on abortion. 

The Catholic church is not happy:

"The Catholic Church is fighting mad with the Obama Administration, and nearly every Catholic sitting in a pew this weekend heard the reasons why.

The Health and Human Services Department recently announced it will require all employers (with few exceptions) to provide health insurance to their employees which includes subsidized contraception, sterilization and coverage for abortion-inducing drugs.
This meant that religious institutions, like Catholic colleges and hospitals, or other Christian institutions would  be compelled to violate their conscience by cooperating with that which they believe to be wrong.   Currently many of these institutions purchase health-insurance plans which do not provide free coverage of these services. "

Over the weekend,  many Catholics in the US learned of this policy from a letter that the bishops wrote to Pres BO.

The letter was simple:  Catholics are pro-life.   We don't accept the kind of "word games" that our culture plays with issues of life.

The Catholic church, and most of our friends in the Judeo-Christan world, believe that abortion is the taking of a human life. 

This is the letter from The North Texas Catholic Bishops.  Read it here!

The NY Times is 100% behind Pres BO on this.  They call it "reproductive rights", another of those word games that demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the left.   Do the little girls aborted get to have reproductive rights?

Over the next few months, Pres BO will engage in full "coqueteo mode" with Hispanics and promise this and promise that.

We hope that Hispanics, and specially the Spanish speaking media, will ask him about abortion or using BO-Care to push abortion related services.

We also hope that the Spanish speaking media will bring out this topic.  I think that Hispanics, most of them pretty religious and Catholic, should know that Pres BO has done more to promote abortion than any politician in US history.

"El aborto" should be one of the topics that Hispanics consider when Pres BO promises this and that during the election.  They should remember that the Republican nominee will be pro-life.

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