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Saturday's video: Trump and the courts

The latest from the PC police: Erase the Ingalls!

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In the interest of full disclosure, I never read the “Little House” books. I became acquainted with the Ingalls from the TV show. Based on the episodes, the Ingalls came across as nice people dealing with the harsh realities of surviving in the prairie.  
Now, we learn that Laura’s books are racist or something like that.
Am I the only one who reacts with anger when I see a story like this? This is the latest in the war against U.S. history, or more correctly the war against the Europeans who settled North America.    
Check this reaction from Professor Thomas from The University of Pennsylvania:    
The Left is going after another great American treasure: Laura Ingalls Wilder and her beloved Little House on the Prairie collection. They cite the same old reasons — racism, racism, and more racism.
The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) says they are stripping Wilder’s name from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for children’s literature, an award Wilder was the first to receive. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Award will now be known as the Children’s Literature Legacy Award. The ALSC says the award “may no longer be consistent with the intention of the award named for her.”
More likely, the modern radical ALSC is no longer consistent with the original intention of the ALSC.
The group explained:
The decision was made in consideration of the fact that Wilder’s legacy, as represented by her body of work, includes expressions of stereotypical attitudes inconsistent with ALSC’s core values of inclusiveness, integrity and respect, and responsiveness.
In other words, the Little House books aren’t politically correct.
So Laura’s books are full of stereotypes? What book from that time was not? Have you seen a Western movie?   
There are two problems here:
First, Who are these people or the ALSC? Who pays their salaries? Who voted them responsible for rewriting history? Did I miss something?
Second, the “skin color obsessed” ALSC is missing the point of Laura’s stories.    
She wrote about a family that survived the prairie. It was her family story and a rather good one to say the least. Pa and Ma Ingalls were devoted parents who raised a family and went to church on Sundays.    
Maybe the ALSC forgot that these white Europeans were also the ones who wrote the U.S. Constitution and created the system of “rights” that  they now enjoy.
The ALSC is apparently concerned that Mary, the older sister, was afraid of Indians. I guess that this is now the new standard of white supremacist values.
Again, who appointed the ALSC as arbiters? It’s time for state legislatures to stop funding these organizations.
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A word about Lena Horne (1917-2010)

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Lena Horne, one of the best female vocalists ever, was born on this day in 1917..........she passed away at age 92 in 2010

She had a great voice and very elegant look!

Her story was rather remarkable:

"Lena Horne, who was the first black performer to be signed to a long-term contract by a major Hollywood studio and who went on to achieve international fame as a singer, died on Sunday night at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York." (NYT)
 It's hard to pick a favorite song but her version of "Where or When" is great:

Happy #55 to "Blame it on the bossa nova"

Another one of those "time flies" posts:  Let's remember "Blame it on the bossa nova" by Eydie Gorme.

Frankly, I don't remember this song but it was an entertaining and still gets a lot of airplay many years later.  It is a great dancing song!  I would file this one under "novelty pop songs"!

Eydie Gorme enjoyed a great career.  She recorded many songs with her husband, Steve Lawrence, and an LP of Spanish ballads with Trio Los Panchos. 

Click here for the song.
"I was at a dance When he caught my eye
Standing all alone Lookin' sad and shy
We began to dance Swaying to and fro
And soon I knew I'd never let him go
Blame it on the bossa nova With it's magic spell
Blame it on the bossa nova That he did so well
Oh it all began with just one little dance
But soon it ended up a big romance
Blame it on the bossa nova The dance of love
Now was it the moon No no the bossa nova
Or the stars above No no the bossa nova
Now was it the tune Yea yea the bossa nova
The dance of love
Now I'm glad to say I'm his bride to be
And we're gonna raise a family
And when our kids ask How it came about
I gonna say to them with out a doubt....

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1962: Koufax and the first no-hitter

On this day in 1962, Sandy Koufax of the LA Dodgers pitched the first of his 4 no-hitters.    He beat the Mets and struck out 13 in a 5-0 victory.

Between 1962 and 1966, when he retired at age 32, Koufax was just overpowering.  He led the LA Dodgers to World Series victories in 1963 and 1965.  He pitched 4 no-hitters, including perfect game in 1965, and won 3 Cy Young Awards.

It all started with this no-hitter in 1962!

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Happy # 74 to Ron Swoboda

We wish happy birthday to Ron Swoboda who was born in Baltimore on this day in 1944 .    He came up with the Mets in 1965 and showed power as a young hitter with 19 Hrs and 50 RBI in his rookie year.   Ron never came close to that number again.

Swoboda's place in baseball history was game 4 of the 1969 World Series against Baltimore.  He made an unbelievable catch on a line drive by Brooks Robinson.    The Mets went on to win the Series:

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1936: Margaret Mitchell published "Gone with the wind"

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Most of us have seen the movie but how many have read the book?

"Gone with the wind" by Margaret Mitchell was published on this day in 1936.    

The book told the story of a woman caught up in the Civil War.    It was based on the tales and stories heard from her parents and other relatives, as well as from Confederate war veterans.

Was the movie better than the book?    In this case, the answer is yes but read the book anyway.   It will teach you a lot about life in the old South.

Mitchell died in 1949.

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday's show: Political correctness meets "Little House", Justice Kennedy, ICE and others

Friday's show:  
Political correctness meets "Little House", Justice Kennedy, ICE and others....

Friday's video: PC meets “Little House”

How about an up-and-down vote on abolishing ICE?

Image result for Immigration CE images
The Democrats’ latest talking point is about abolishing ICE. In fact, some Democrats are introducing legislationto that effect:   
A Democratic congressman introduced legislation to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), calling the agency “heartless.”
“ICE is tearing apart families and ripping at the moral fabric of our nation,” Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) said in a statement. “Unfortunately, President Trump and his team of white nationalists, including Stephen Miller, have so misused ICE that the agency can no longer accomplish its goals effectively.”
“The heartless actions of this abused agency do not represent the values of our nation and the U.S. must develop a more humane immigration system, one that treats every person with dignity and respect.”
Add to this that the idea has now became an issue in New York, where Cynthia Nixon is challenging Governor Andrew Cuomo and an outsider upset Rep. Joseph Crowley. Nixon calls ICE “a terrorist organization“.    
So let’s do it the right way.  Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should call for a vote. Force every Democrat to vote up or down on this issue.    
My guess is that a vote to abolish ICE will go down and not get many votes, specially from those red-state Democrats seeking reelection in Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, and West Virginia. It won’t play well with centrist Democrats trying to win House seats this fall.
It won’t play well either with the agents handling a horrible situation on the border, nor with honest Americans who can distinguish between a terrorist organization and ICE.
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Your Trump Derangement Syndrome episode for the day in one headline......

Your Trump Derangement Syndrome episode for the day in one headline:   "Reuters editor apologizes, could be disciplined after blaming Capital Gazette shooting on Trump."

How reckless can this man be?    

Just curious, did he blame Senator Sanders when one of his supporters went out looking for GOP congressman to shoot?   

The Annapolis shooting was a horrible thing and let's wait for more details, or information about the shooter's intentions, before we politicize it.

Finally, how can Reuters keep such a biased reporter on the political beat?   Who can believe any story written by this man after this tasteless display of bias?

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1969: Henry Mancini and "Romeo & Juliet" is # 1 this week

What song replaced "Get back" at # 1 on Billboard this week in 1969?   

The answer is Henry Mancini's "Love theme from Romeo & Juliet".

It was a beautiful melody:

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We remember Harmon Killebrew (1936-2011)

The great Harmon Killebrew, one of great baseball sluggers of our youth, was born on this day in 1936.   He passed away in 2011 of cancer.  He was 74.

Killebrew hit 573 home runs with the original Senators who moved to Minnesota in 1961.  He won the AL MVP in 1969, played in the 1965 World Series plus the ALCS in 1969 & 70.

From 1964 to 1971, Killebrew and Tony Oliva, who usually batter in front of Harmon, were one of the best hitting combinations ever.   Tony won 3 batting titles and Harmon just hit a ton of home runs.   

We remember those "titanic home runs" that got lost in the clouds all over baseball parks.    Killebrew was indeed one of my all time favorite players.

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1948: President Truman and Israel

Image result for president truman images
President Truman was in the middle of some of the biggest moments of the 20th century. He dropped the two bombs that ended war in the Pacific. He led the US into the Cold War with the Truman Doctrine. It was clearly one of the most consequential presidencies ever.

Pres. Truman's library  hosted an exhibition in 2008 or the 60th anniversary of Israel or another one of his many important decisions:
"On May 14, 1948 President Harry Truman announced that the United States would offer de facto recognition of the new State of Israel. His decision, coming only eleven minutes after the new government was formed in the former British mandate of Palestine, gave immediate legitimacy to a country that existed only on paper and in the hearts of the world-wide Jewish community." (Truman and Israel: Behind the Decision)
Like most Truman decisions, it was not easy or popular everywhere. However, it was the right thing to do.

Pres. Truman was a great president because he made decisions and took the political heat for them.  I call it leadership, which is why he is my favorite Democrat and ranks rather high in most presidential lists!

P.S. Speaking of Pres. Truman, let me recommend once again that wonderful biography by by David McCullough. It is one of best ones ever written about a US president.

June 29, 1990: Dave Stewart and Fernando Valenzuela pitched no hitters

It was an ESPN Friday night doubleheader: The A's in Toronto and the Cardinals in LA.     

By the end of the baseball night, history was made when Dave Stewart and Fernando Valenzuela pitched no-hitters.

According to news reports, Valenzuela learned of Stewart's no hitter minutes before taking the mound.   According to Tommy Lasorda, the LA manager, Valenzuela joked about pitching another no hitter that night.

To be honest, I saw Dave Stewart's last 4 innings but did not make to watch the West Coast game.

A great night for two of the best pitchers of 1990.

Valenzuela won 173 games, primarily with LA.   He could have won 200 games but injuries caught up with him.   We remember him for a tremendous rookie season in 1981 and that complete game in game 3 of the World Series that year.    He was a workhorse and pitched 117 complete games.

Stewart won 168 games and enjoyed great success with the A's.   He won 119 games over a 7 year period with the A's, including 4 consecutive 20-win seasons.   He was also a workhorse with lots of high innings totals.

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Happy # 62 Pedro Guerrero

Was Pedro Guerrero the first Dominican player from San Pedro de Macoris in the  Dominican Republic?  I don't know the answer but there weren't that many back in the early 1980s when Pedro broke in with the Dodgers.

Pedro was a very consistent hitter:  .300 batting average, 215 HR & 898 RBI.    He hit 125 HR over a 5-year span with LA.

Happy birthday to a guy who was a very tough out!

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June 29, 1941: DiMaggio got 41 & 42 in a doubleheader

On this day in 1941, the amazing Joe DiMaggio singled in the sixth inning in the first game of a doubleheader to tie George Sisler's A.L. consecutive-game hit record of 41 games. 

In the second game, he set the record at 42 games with a single in the seventh inning.  

His next goal was the N.L. record of 44.  

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday's show: Democrats and ICE, Lopez-Obrador in Mexico and other stories

Thursday's video: Let's have an up and down vote on ICE........

Thursday's video:   Let's have an up and down vote on ICE........

LO promising like BO?

Image result for lopez obrador cartoons
Back in 2008, we were all amazed at the Obama impact on crowds. I remember an article by Fouad Ajami where he warned us about the crowds:
There is something odd — and dare I say novel — in American politics about the crowds that have been greeting Barack Obama on his campaign trail. Hitherto, crowds have not been a prominent feature of American politics. 
We associate them with the temper of Third World societies. We think of places like Argentina and Egypt and Iran, of multitudes brought together by their zeal for a Peron or a Nasser or a Khomeini. 
In these kinds of societies, the crowd comes forth to affirm its faith in a redeemer: a man who would set the world right…
…The political genius of the man is that he is a blank slate. The devotees can project onto him what they wish. 
…The day after, the crowd will of course discover its own fissures. The affluent will have to pay for the programs promised the poor…
…as the devotees sustain the candidacy of a man whose public career has been a steady advocacy of reining in the market and organizing those who believe in entitlement and redistribution.
The morning after the election, the disappointment will begin to settle upon the Obama crowd. … Victory will steadily deliver the sobering verdict that our troubles won’t be solved by a leader’s magic.
Wow — is he talking about Obama, Andrés Lopez-Obrador, or both?
Down in Mexico, Lopez-Obrador is using the Obama playbook, the game of telling crowds what they want to hear.     
My friend Allan Wall compiled this list of “promesas” or promises:    
To bring about the Fourth Transformation of Mexico, without violence.  (By “fourth transformation,” AMLO means after one, Independence; two, The Reform; and three, The Revolution.)
To End corruption. 
To establish the “kingdom of justice” upon the earth.
To only earn half the presidential salary of current president Peña Nieto; to not have as president a fleet of planes and helicopters.
In the southern state of Oaxaca, to finish turnpikes to the coast and the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and to give teachers a pay raise
AMLO says he won’t live in Los Pinos, he will sell the federal government’s planes and helicopters, and that high-ranking functionaries will have to get medical attention at ISSSTE, Seguro or Seguro Popular and not private medical care paid for by the government.
The Soconusco region of Chiapas will be one of the most prosperous in Mexico.
To have a government of “republican austerity,” which would include lowering the salaries of “those above to increase the salaries of those below.”  Better salaries would be given to teachers, nurses, doctors, police, soldiers, and government workers.  A “government without luxuries.”  He promises to sell the presidential plane, not to reside in Los Pinos – opening it to the public, to fight corruption, and to improve Mexico’s image abroad.
universal pension for the elderly.  
To work closely with the private sector.  
To have 4% economic growth.  
To invite the Pope, and other religious and social leaders of the world and Mexico, to study and solve the problem of violence in Mexico.
It sure sounds like “we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for” or something like that.
Like Obama 2008, Lopez-Obrador’s promises lack specifics.    
How is Mexico going to have 4% economic growth unless he attracts foreign investment or privatizes PEMEX?    
How is he going to work with the private sector when most of them are scared to death of what he is campaigning for?
The promises get silly when he plans to cut the president’s salary or do away with the planes and helicopters. Is a President Lopez-Obrador going to travel on commercial flights?  Seriously, how much money is this going to save?
Increase teachers’ salaries?  But most Mexican middle-class families send their kids to private schools to avoid the ideology and bad quality of public schools.  It would make more sense if he gave poor Mexicans a chance to get out of poverty by attending private schools.
Invite the Pope?  I’m sure that the cartels will be very impressed with that.
Improve Mexico’s image abroad?  Really?  Maybe he can start by making Mexico more hospitable to Mexicans.
It sure reminds me of the Obama crowds of 2008 that the late Fouad Ajami wrote about specially the part about the coming post election disillusionment.
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Overturning "Roe v Wade" will not end abortion in the US

Overturning "Roe v Wade" will not end abortion in the US.    Instead, overturning the opinion will send it back to state legislatures.    

My guess is that some states will write laws creating a right to an  abortion and others will not.      Most will pass abortion laws with certain restrictions, as they do in most countries.   

The two biggest consequences of overturning "Roe v Wade" will be political:

1) The issue will be debated openly in the political arena, from state legislatures to campaigns for office.    For example, Hispanic Democrats in Texas will be forced to explain to Hispanic women why they support abortion after 20 weeks; and,

2) Modern technology will show that there is a life or that abortion will end such a life.

Nevertheless, the biggest benefit of overturning "Roe v Wade" is that judicial confirmations will no longer be endless questions about abortion.    We will get back to a time when judicial nominations were about judicial temperament rather than "wedge" issues like abortion.

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June 2007: Talk radio is a business not a right wing conspiracy

(A post from June 2007)

In the late 1980's, most AM stations were dying in the US. They could not compete with FM stations over music formats. After all, who wants to hear music on the AM band rather than FM?

Rush Limbaugh and talk radio saved the AM dial. Limbaugh started a trend ("opinions on the radio") and it literally saved the AM dial and created lots of jobs all over the US radio. Today, Limbaugh reaches 20 million people. Sean Hannitty reaches over 10 million listeners!

Why is talk radio conservative? I don't know for sure but it is. The best answer is that conservative talk radio has listeners and liberal talk radio does not.

Question: What's wrong with that? The liberals have not been able to succeed on the radio. Why blame conservatives for that? Blame the liberals!

At the end of the day, privately owned radio stations respond to listeners and the advertisers. Radio is a business except for NPR which is subsidized by the federal government.

Why blame conservatives? Blame the liberals who are not supporting liberal hosts!

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June 2007: Doom and gloom update: Get ready for global cooling

(A post from June 2007)

We've had some fun with global warming over the past year. To be fair, I believe that we should be concerned about climate change. I want clean water and air as much as anyone. After all, I have to breath the air and drink the water, too!

At the same time, we need to be rational about it. Today's environmentalists are not rational. They hate capitalism and use global warming to push their socialist agenda. 

Now, we hear that global cooling is on the horizon:
"This just in from Chicken Little: It's a cloud, not the sky, that's about to fall. So button up your overcoat. Earth is about to cool off.

"It's global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world," says Timothy Patterson, director of the Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Center at Carleton University in Canada. He sets out in Toronto's National Post a fascinating and wholly credible argument, backing up what many of his scientific colleagues regard as nothing less than blasphemy." (A coming cold day for a warm globe)
What's next? Who knows? Global warming, global cooling! Who knows what the doom and gloom crowd will come up with next?

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June 2007: Chemical Ali will soon join cousin Saddam

(A post from June 2007)

Today, we learned that 'Chemical Ali' was sentenced in Iraq.    He will soon join Saddam who was executed months ago.

Why did they call him Chemical Ali? Because every Iraqi knew that he was a first rate criminal. 

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June 28, 1941: DiMaggio reached # 40

We remember one of sports' most amazing accomplishments, i.e. the 56-game hitting streak that kept the entire nation checking the daily sports pages for updates.

Joe DiMaggio entered historic territory on this day in 1941 when he went 2-for-5 and cracked the "40 circle".  

He became the 5th major leaguer to do so:

Willie Keeler 45 1896-1897
Bill Dahlen 42 1894
George Sisler 41 1922
Ty Cobb       40 1911

We should add that Pete Rose got to 44 in 1978.

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Happy # 77 to Al Downing (the man who gave up Aaron's # 715)

We remember Al Downing today.     He was born in New Jersey on this day in 1941.

Downing was a pretty good lefty who broke with the Yankees in 1961 at age 20.    He  joined the starting rotation in 1963 and won 26 games in his first two seasons.   Downing pitched in the 1963 and 1964 World Series but did not win a game. 

In the late 1960s, Downing pitched for New York, Oakland and Milwaukee.   He was 2-10 with the 1970 Brewers despite a decent 3.34 ERA.

In 1971, Downing was traded to LA and won 20 games.  He pitched in the 1974 World Series with the Dodgers.  

Overall, he won 123 games with a 3.22 ERA.

We remember Downing for one pitch or home run:  Aaron's # 715 on April 8, 1974.

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