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Wednesday's show: The day after The State of the Union speech with Don Surber, author

Guest:  Don Surber, author & blogger....we will discuss President Trump's State of the Union address................and other stories........

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Wednesday's video: My thoughts about President Trump’s speech!

Communist crickets go on rampage

Image result for crickets in cuba images
We’ve posted recently about the so called “sonic” attacks against U.S. diplomats in Cuba. The Cuban government blamed it on crickets or something like that.
Well, it looks like more U.S. citizens were attacked by the crazy crickets singing “Babalu.”
This is from news reports:   
The State Department says 19 American travellers who visited Cuba have reported symptoms similar to those suffered by U.S. diplomats, following a travel warning for the country posted in September.
“We continue to urge U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to Cuba,” a State Department official told CBS News.
These cases are separate from the at least 24 American embassy personnel and their family members who have reported a range of symptoms from attacks that began in November 2016, according to U.S. officials.
The September 29 travel warning said the victims have suffered “ear complaints, hearing loss, dizziness, headache, fatigue, cognitive issues, and difficulty sleeping.”
Medical documents reviewed by CBS News show diagnoses of concussions as well.
Well, I was not expecting that story but here we are. So what’s going on?
First of all, let’s hope that all impacted will recover and be back to a normal life soon.
Second, these attacks are clearly target to U.S. citizens or tourists. In other words, I don’t see anything about “crickets” attacking other visitors to the island.  [There were a few stray Canadians attacked but they could have easily been mistaken for Americans. -ed.] Am I the only person who finds it strange that the attacks are virtually all on U.S. visitors or diplomats?
The Cuban government will dance around this issue and come up with silly explanations like blaming it on crickets.   So it’s time to put the foot down and take action against the Castro regime:
1) How about a class action suit against the Cuban government for these attacks?   My guess is that it would shut down tourism pretty quickly; and,
2) President Trump should close the embassy.
And yes my mother is horrified about what communism has done to the Cuban crickets!
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A few numbers from the speech

Another number that caught my eye

CNN and polls

Happy # 71 Nolan Ryan

We remember the great Nolan Ryan who was born on this day in Refugio, Texas.    

His numbers are worth recalling:   324 wins, 3.19 ERA, 5,714 K and 7 no-hitters.     

His wins have to be understood in the context of playing for .500 teams for much of his career.    Ryan played in the 1969 World Series with the Mets.    He did not get back to the playoffs until 1979 with the Angels.    He returned with the Astros in 1981 and 1986.    My point is that he won 324 wins for some mediocre teams, i.e. a .526 winning pct.

Ryan was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1999.

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A word about Ernie Banks (1931-2015)

The great Ernie Banks was born in Dallas, Texas, on this day in 1931.     He died in 2014.

In my days in Wisconsin, we used to walk home from school.   One afternoon, I was by myself and saw this elderly couple listening to the radio, a ball game on the radio.
I asked:  "Who is playing"
The lady said:  "The Cubs of course"
I saw the box score the next day and saw that a fellow named Banks played first.     A few years later, that fellow Banks hit # 500 against the Braves.
My guess is that most people don't know much about his younger days in Dallas, Texas:
"Banks was known universally as “Mr. Cub.” 
His mantra “Let’s play two,” referred to his desire to play two games daily for a team that too often struggled to compete.
But Banks’ roots were in Dallas where he was raised on Fairmount Street in what was then known as North Dallas. Today, the downtown Arts District stands in what had been his old neighborhood.
The neighborhood was part of a segregated city back then. Banks was one of 12 children born to Eddie and Essie Banks. He attended nearby Booker T. Washington High School where he was a wide receiver on the football team and played on the softball team. The school did not have a baseball team.
While growing up, he spent many a summer day catching pre-dawn rides on the back of flatbed trucks heading north to the sleepy town of Frisco, where he would earn $1.75 a day picking cotton.
After his 10-game season with the Cubs in 1953, Banks returned to live with his family at 1723 Fairmount Street. To help make ends meet, he landed a job as a bellman at the ritzy Adolphus Hotel, less than a one-mile walk from home.
“Our North Dallas was a great place to grow up,” Banks said in a 2013 interview with The Dallas Morning News in advance of his Presidential honor.
Banks was guided to baseball by a neighbor, William Blair, who played in the old Negro Leagues. Blair, who had watched in awe as Banks pounded softballs over the outfield wall at Booker T., first added him to a barnstorming team he managed. Then Blair steered him to the Negro Leagues’ famed Kansas City Monarchs.
After two years in the Army, it was on to Chicago.
“Not many people know I am from Dallas,” Banks said in the 2013 interview. “I used to get back there some, but I haven’t been there recently…”
Banks said then the last time he had been in Dallas for any extended time was in 2009 when his mother Essie died. “Unfortunately, I only seem to get there now for funerals,” he said.
Blair, who founded the Elite News, a newspaper that served Dallas’ African-American community and worked there for more than five decades, was the driving force behind the establishment of Dallas’ Martin Luther King Jr. People’s Parade.
He hoped to someday organize at least one parade in honor of Ernie Banks.
Blair died in April at age 92.
Asked in 2013 if he might like a parade in his hometown, Banks responded gleefully.
“Absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “I’d be glad to come home.”"
Ernie Banks never got "to come home".
Over the years, I've seen some great players in person and TV.  Sadly, I never got to see Ernie Banks in person but do recall hearing #500 on WGN radio.  
Banks was a great player. Better than that, he was a great human being.  
We will miss Ernie Banks for a long time.
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We remember Jackie Robinson (1919-72)

Image result for jackie robinson images

We remember Jackie Robinson, who was born in Cairo, Georgia, on this day in 1919.     He died October 24, 1972.

Robinson was one of the biggest sports stories of the 20th century, as we see in this biography from his Hall of Fame page:   
At the end of his first season, Robinson was named the Rookie of the Year. 
He was named the NL MVP just two years later in 1949, when he led the league in hitting with a .342 average and steals with 37, while also notching a career-high 124 RBI. 
The Dodgers won six pennants in Robinson’s 10 seasons, but his contributions clearly extended far beyond the field.
He retired with a .311 career batting average plus 137 HR & 734 RBI in 1,382 games:

A quick reaction to the Trump speech

Trump and The Beatles.........

Ana gone silly.........

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday's show: Sonic attacks in Cuba, the State of the Union speech plus other stories

We will look at The State of the Union speech....... Grammy's and bad ratings..........Sonic attacks on US citizens in Cuba..........Happy # 77 VP Cheney........Happy # 75 Davey Johnson......we remember Sandy Amoros (Brooklyn Dodgers) and Barbara Tuckman ("The guns of August") other stories....

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Tuesday's video: The State of the Union from Washington to Trump

She’d rather be on TV Tuesday night

Image result for hillary clinton political cartoons

To be honest, I did not watch the Grammys. I have not since President Reagan.   
After all, how long can you watch actors give one-sided political statements?  It would be more interesting, sort of like the British Parliament, if both sides got up and called each other something.
But no, the Grammys are “one way” when it comes to politics and that’s why I watched American Graffiti.  At least Wolfman Jack does not get in your face with politics.
As I learned on Monday morning, Mrs. Clinton made a surprise appearance and read from Fire and Fury:     
The segment resulted in wild applause from the star-studded crowd. But not all were pleased. United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed the bit. However, the harshest words came from Donald Trump Jr. 
After the show, Grammys Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich said getting Clinton to appear in the skit wasn’t tough. However, he credited Corden with sealing the deal. 
“She kind of took a couple of days to say ‘yes,’ but ultimately she saw the script, she knew what we were doing and she liked it.” 
Clinton recorded the segment near her home on Friday, the Grammys producer added.
He also admitted that he was aware the cameo was receiving some backlash, but said they stand by what they did.
Well, I guess that was the B-side of the “bit….es”.       
In the end, it probably turned people off. After all, am I the only who finds it disgusting to watch U.S. performers talk about repression? They should read The Gulag Archipelago or talk to people who live under serious repression and get the real story.
It seems that the ratings were another disaster, with the lowest viewership since the awards first aired. Furthermore, I’m sure that Mrs. Clinton would have rather be delivering the State of the Union on Tuesday night.
She is silly, this woman named  Hillary Clinton!
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Happy # 77 VP Dick Cheney, one of my heroes!

Former VP Dick Cheney was born in Nebraska on this day in 1941.   He later moved to Wyoming where he went to college and entered politics.    
Cheney was White House Chief of Staff for President Ford, 1975-77.  
In 1978, Cheney was elected to the House and reelected five times,
President Bush nominated him for Secretary of Defense and oversaw the 1991 Operation Desert Storm.    
In 2000, he was elected VP under the second President Bush.   He was a critical national security player in the Bush administration.      
In all, he served four US presidents, from Nixon to Ford to Bush to Bush. 

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We remember Barbara Tuchman (1912-89)

Image result for barbara tuchman

Barbara Tuchman was born in New York City on this day in 1912.    She died in 1989.

She wrote several books such as "The march of folly" that I read in the 1980's.     However, it was ''The Guns of August,'' a book about World War I, that made her famous.   It was about the background and events that led the world to war in 1914:

Michael Young and the Hall of Fame

Image result for michael young images

Michael Young will be up for a Hall of Fame vote in a couple of years.   He probably won't make it but will get a lot of votes.

During his time in Texas, Young was a consistent hitter and won a few Gold Gloves:   .300 average, 2,375 hits, 185 HR & 1,030 RBI.

Again, he won't make it but Young was a really good player.

We remember Satchel Paige (1906-82)

Related image

According to the Hall of Fame website, the late Satchel Paige was born on July 7, 1906.    He died in 1982.

Besides pitching, Satchel was well known for what he said, and what he apparently said. 

In this respect, he is like a black Yogi Berra, the other great baseball philosopher.

My two favorite favorite lines are:

"Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines."
"Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you."
We could use a few characters like Satchel in baseball today.

June 2006: A soldier wrote a letter to the NY Times!

Image result for new york times media bias cartoons

T. F. Boggs was a 24-year-old sergeant in the Army Reserves back in Iraq in 2006.  

This is what he wrote to The NY Times:
"Thank you for continually contributing to the deaths of my fellow soldiers. You guys definitely provide a valuable service with your paper. Why without you how would terrorists stay one step ahead of us? 
I would love to hear a response as to why you deemed revealing this program a necessity, but that will probably come as soon as the government decides to finally put you guys behind bars where you belong."

We remember Sandy Amoros (1930-1992)

Image result for sandy amoros images

Edmundo (Isasi) Amoros was born in La Habana on this day in 1930. He died in Miami in 1992.
Sandy Amoros, as he was known in the majors, broke with the Dodgers in 1952. He was a part time outfielder, a platoon hitter facing primarily right handed pitchers. Amoros was also a late inning defensive replacement.
Amoros also played in the Cuban winter league.    I remember my father speaking about him.
His biggest moment was game 7 in the 1955 World Series.   Amoros made a running catch and then threw back to short stop Pee Wee Reese who then doubled off a Yankee runner at first base.  It killed the rally and preserved the eventual 2-0 shutout and the only Brooklyn Dodgers’ World Series victory.
It turned the Cuban outfielder into one of the biggest heroes in Brooklyn baseball history.
This is how they recall the play at The Society of Baseball Research:

On October 4, 1955, outfielder Edmundo Amorós helped “Next Year” arrive at last for the Brooklyn Dodgers. His racing catch off Yogi Berra near the left-field line at Yankee Stadium saved the Bums’ 2-0 lead in Game Seven of the World Series. Johnny Podres held on for the remaining three innings to bring Brooklyn its only title. The grab by Amorós still stands as one of the greatest in Series history, and it was the defining moment of the Cuban’s career.
Amoros played 7 years and retired with a .255 career batting and did hit 16 HR in 114 games in 1956.
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Happy # 75 Davey Johnson

Related image

We say happy birthday to Davey Johnson, who was born on this day in Orlando, Florida in 1943.   

We remember Johnson as a great second baseman and then as a manager.   

As a player, he hit .261 with 136 HR & 609 RBI over 1,435 games.    He played in 4 World Series with Baltimore and won several Gold Gloves.

As a manager, he won 1,372 games with an excellent .562 winning pct.    He led the New York Mets to the 1986 World Series title.   Johnson also won division titles with Baltimore in 1997 and Washington in 2012.

Great player & manager.

Grammy's too political.............

Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday's show: The State of the Union coming plus Mrs. Clinton at the Grammys

We will look at President Trump's State of the Union speech........Mrs. Clinton and the Grammy's..........DACA and the immigration debate......Peter Paul & Mary signed their first contract in 1962...........MLB Hall of Fame other stories....

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Monday's video: The too political Grammys

Like many of you, I think that these awards shows are too political. The ratings keep dropping and it makes sense...

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Schumer caught between reality and the left

Image result for schumer cartoons
We understand that Senator Charles Schumer rejected President Trump’s “2 million” plan, the idea being discussed in public:   
The New York Democrat on Friday accused President Donald Trump of using a proposed path for citizenship for young undocumented immigrants as cover for making sweeping — and damaging — changes to the legal immigration system.     
“This plan flies in the face of what most Americans believe,” Schumer said on Twitter. While Trump “finally acknowledged that the Dreamers should be allowed to stay here and become citizens, he uses them as a tool to tear apart our legal immigration system and adopt the wish list that anti-immigration hard-liners have advocated for for years.”
The one-page proposal released by the White House on Thursday would allow as many as 1.8 million young immigrants to become citizens, while also calling for $25 billion in spending on a border wall and security as well as sharply restricting family-based immigration and eliminating a visa lottery system. White House officials are hoping the Senate will put it up for a vote, but it appears doomed to fail.
What do Americans really believe Senator Schumer? Did you forget what happened last weekend with your shutdown? 
I like President Trump’s proposal, even if I was surprised by the 2 million. At the same time, legalizing 2 million who are already here may be a very small price to pay for getting all of the other stuff, specially updated immigration laws.
It amazes me that Senator Schumer is not jumping on this plan. It must be because he is getting an earful from the left.    
President Trump is winning this battle and Senator Schumer can chat with Senator Manchin about it.
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All politics means low ratings

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1958: Campanella and the accident that ended his career

Related image

On this day in 1958, Roy Campanella was involved in a career ending car accident.   

This is from the news reports:   
Before dawn, or the morning of January 28, 1958, Roy Campanella was driving home from the liquor store he owned in Harlem. Campanella (or Campy as was known) skidded off the road and hit a telephone poll. 
Campanella was a three-time National League MVP, and not surprisingly, the news of his accident was covered by every major newspaper in the U.S.
Most of the stories acknowledged that the great catcher had been seriously injured, but focused not so much on whether he would live or be permanently paralyzed, but rather on whether or not he could resume playing baseball. 
The Washington Post on the other was more blunt and more accurate than the others. Their headline read,”Campanella’s Career at End After Suffering Broken Neck in Crash.”
On January 31 a tracheotomy was performed on Campanella to relieve congestion that had formed in his lung. 
By the following day, his breathing had improved, but there was no change in his paralysis.
On February 20 the New York Times reported a “pessimistic bulletin” from the community hospital in Glen Cove, NY, where Campanella was being cared for.
 It said “No improvement in the muscle strength of the 36-year old catcher has been apparent since his neck was broken in an automobile accident on January 28. 
And so ended Campy's career.   He never played again.

The injury happened a few months after the Dodgers had played their last game in Brooklyn.

Campy was selected to The Hall of Fame in 1969.   He died in 1993.

Happy # 77 Claudine Longet (the lady that we remember as Andy Williams' wife)

Related image

This is for the "times flies" archives.

It's hard to believe but Claudine Georgette Longet was born in Paris on this day in 1941.   

Back in the 1960's, Andy Williams had a very popular TV show in the US.   Like many of you, I tuned in to catch the pretty Claudine Longet and her lovely kids.    

She also had a singing career and may have been a model before marrying Andy Williams.

Well, I don't know what she is doing now but she was a nice lady:

"In the beginning, the land was stained
Parched by the sun, deserts, and plains
Then the creators of the land
Created rain

I was that barren, wasted land
I was too weak to stand
Then the creators of rain created you

High on a mountain, growing there
Land was plenty, trees were rare
Then the creators of rain
Created air

I was that mountain, growing there
My life was empty, nothing there
Then the creators of air created you

There would be no land, no seas
To plants, no trees, no life, or me, without you

Life had forgot the carrying of
Dreams that were lost to fade above
Then the creators of rain
Created love

I was that dream that life had made
To search hope had fade
Then the creators love created you
Created you (created you)
Created you (created you)
For me..........."

Senator Manchin wants the wall and the crazy rhetoric to stop

Image result for senator manchin images
Democratic Senator Joe Manchin told House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to stop her divisive rhetoric on immigration and work with the Republican party, Sunday on CNN’s “State of The Union.”Host Jake Tapper played a clip of Pelsoi claiming President Donald Trump’s immigration plan seeks to “make America white again,” and then asked Manchin what he thought of the quote.“You know what, we don’t need that type of rhetoric on either side. From Nancy, Paul Ryan or anybody else” said Manchin, of West Virginia. “We have the wall. We need to repair the wall. We’ll need to build more wall. We need to do whatever we can to secure the borders.”
The Democrats need more people like Senator Manchin.

RIP Norman Lyons

Related image

We learned that Norman Lyons passed away.    He joined the Texas Rangers in 1993 and became the team's face in community relations.   

I met him in a previous career and found him to be quite a gentleman.

RIP Norman Lyons.

1962: Peter Paul & Mary signed their first contract

Did you love Peter, Paul & Mary's voices and their many wonderful songs?

We remember today that Peter Paul & Mary signed their first contract with Warner Bros:
"They took a decisive step on their path to success on January 29, 1962, when they signed their first recording contract with Warner Bros.—the label they still call home nearly half a century later.
Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers ran in the same Greenwich Village circles, but had never performed together before..."
Well....and the rest is musical history.   I love the music of Peter, Paul & Mary.  I've collected their songs for years.  They are a part of my personal soundtrack.  They remind me of so many moments in my life.

Mary Travers died in 2009.  We posted a couple of times about her death.  Peter & Paul rarely perform anymore.  However, they left us a musical legacy of beautiful tunes.  

P.S. Their music is now available in a digital format.    

And there is this wonderful songbook of guitar chords and lyrics!

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The Grammys too political again!

July 2006: A baseball rarity

Dems to Trump: “Yo quiero marchas no soluciones”

Image result for schumer cartoons
President Trump has a message to “dreamers”:  a path to citizenship plus security & changes to outdated immigration laws.   It is an incredibly fair offer.   It allows more than the 800,000 to stay in the US.
As expected, Democrats say no.    Why?   Because they want marches not solutions!   Senator Schumer and Rep, Pelosi do not want President Trump to sign the law that accomplishes what Democrat majorities never did.
Let’s remember that President Obama & Democrat majorities never passed immigration reform or The Dream Act.
The Democrats will lose this battle more decisively than they lost the shutdown debate last week.
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday's show: The week in review with Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda

Guest:  Bill Katz, the editor of Urgent Agenda.......we will look at President Trump's week:  the victory over Democrats over the shutdown, good economic news and a wonderful speech in Davos................Democrats keep struggling with a message.............maybe that wave won't be so blue after all..............and other stories....

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Sunday's video: The Challenger 1986

It was 32 years ago that the Challenger exploded and millions saw it on TV....then later President Reagan spoke to the nation..........

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