Friday, March 10, 2017

What do they think in Mexico about Jorge Ramos?

Jorge Ramos was back in Fox News this week. I guess that Jorge knows where the viewers are.     
At the same time, Jorge Ramos looks more and more like an immigration activist rather than a journalist.  It may be time for Univision or Fusion to start calling Ramos a “contributor” with an opinion rather than the face of a news network.
Tucker and Jorge went back and forth on the whole issue of illegal immigration.       
Carlson brought up the fact that Ramos is a “blue-eyed white Mexican”, a point that frankly is irrelevant. There are a lot of white Mexicans, specially in TV commercials and running businesses. They are not the people coming north looking for opportunities because they are doing just fine in Mexico. This is probably why so many Americans think that all Mexicans look like Mexicans, or whatever that means.
Ramos then confused the heck out of the audience with his silly “our” vs. “your” country argument.      
We all agree that it is our country and welcome the wonderful contributions of legal Mexicans.   
Our issue is with illegal immigration but Ramos does not see the difference. I think that this is where Ramos loses credibility with a large audience that does not hate Mexicans or immigrants. Instead, they hate an environment where people, employers for example, are violating the law.
However, it was what he said about Mexico that will likely get a response south of the border.
Tucker brought up Mexico’s immigration laws and Jorge took no prisoners when discussing his native country:    
Ramos said his home country is a “terrible example” for human rights in that way, and said America has a responsibility to always do better than the standards Mexico sets.
On this issue, Jorge Ramos is correct. My problem with Ramos is that he spends little time talking about this on Spanish-speaking TV.   
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