Friday, February 24, 2017

1996: The Cuban government shot down US citizens over The Florida Straits


My opposition to the US-Cuba talks, or better referred to as the Obama-Castro talks, is based on many reasons, from the Cuban government harboring fugitives of US law to confiscating million of dollars from US citizens.   

One big factor is the criminal behavior of the regime, such as working with North Korea to violate a UN resolution. We remind you that a North Korea ship was stopped in the Panama Canal ".... with Soviet-era weapons and fighter jets hidden under sacks of sugar."

Wonder why the Castro regime is on the State Department terrorist list? It earned it!

Furthermore, it does not get any more criminal than the killing of civilians on a humanitarian mission.

Our friends at Capitol Hill Cubans reminded us of what happened on February 24, 1996:
"Nineteen-years later -- justice awaits.
Now, more than ever, as President Obama (in a deal with dictator Raul Castro) recently commuted the life sentence of a Cuban spy, Gerardo Hernandez, who had been convicted for murder conspiracy in this act of terrorism.
Hernandez received a hero's welcome by Castro's regime, while the families of the American victims were denied justice.
Meanwhile, senior Cuban military officials remain indicted in U.S. federal courts and the Castros continue to boast about their ultimate responsibility.
From the final judgment by Senior U.S. District Judge Lawrence King in the civil lawsuit against the Castro regime and the Cuban Air Force (FAR):
" The government of Cuba, on February 24th 1996, in outrageous contempt for international law and basic human rights, murdered four human beings in international airspace over the Florida Straits. The victims were Brothers to the Rescue pilots, flying two civilian unarmed planes on a routine humanitarian mission, searching for rafters in the waters between Cuba and the Florida Keys.
As the civilian planes flew over international waters, a Russian built MiG 29 of the Cuban Air Force, without warning, reason, or provocation blasted the defenseless planes out of the sky with sophisticated air-to-air missiles in two separate attacks. The pilots and their aircraft disintegrated in the mid-air explosions following the impact of the missiles. The destruction was so complete that the four bodies were never recovered.""
What was "the crime"? They were flying over international waters looking for rafters and advising the US Coast Guard. It was a humanitarian act that posed no threat to the Cuban regime.

The four victims were: Armando Alejandre Jr. (45 years old), Carlos Alberto Costa (29), Mario Manuel de la Peña (24), and Pablo Morales (29). Three of these men were US citizens and the the 4th was a legal resident.

The US-Cuba talks are supposed to continue later this week. I hope that the Obama team demands accountability for this act. At the very least, they should call on the Castro regime to admit that they shot down civilians over international waters.

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