Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Baseball family stories: The Boyer brothers

As a boy, I remember the Boyer brothers playing third base in New York and St. Louis.   Back then, there was no ESPN so we read box scores and the weekly Sporting News.

It was sad to hear that former Yankee
Clete Boyer died a few years ago. I found the above picture of Clete Boyer on a blog about the Yankees (Yankees Legend Clete Boyer Dead at 70)

Here is a bit of baseball trivia:

"In 1964, Boyer and his brother, Ken, became the first brothers to homer in the same World Series game. They did it in Game 7, and nodded to each other as they rounded the bases.

The St. Louis Cardinals won the Series and Ken was the NL MVP that season. An All-Star third baseman, he died in 1982 at age 51". (Former Yankees 3B Clete Boyer dead at 70)
As I recall, Clete had a great glove and Ken Boyer was a pretty good hitter. Clete had the misfortune of playing 3b when Brooks Robinson was winning gold gloves.

Clete hit 162 career HRs at a time when 20 HRs was a pretty good year. He played in five straight World Series with the Yankees, 1960-64!

Clete played on the 1961 NY Yankees. 1961 was the magical season when New York won 109 games and Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle chased Babe Ruth's record.

By the way, older brother Clad also played in the major leagues.  He pitched in the mid-1950's or a few years before Clete and Ken.



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