Sunday, October 09, 2016

Both parties failed us in 2016

Can this election get any crazier?  We are talking about electing the 45th president of the U.S. in a very dangerous world, and the campaign has turned into an ugly TV show.  I guess talking about sex is better than discussing Obamacare, a 1.4% GDP, troops in Iraq, and a potential war with Russia!
Yesterday, we learned that Mr. Trump spoke very poorly about women in a 2005 audio clip.  To be fair, he was talking with a bunch of men in private, not for public consumption.  He was not a public figure but just another rich guy enjoying some of the benefits of having people around you interested in what you have to say.  I’m not defending what he said, but context matters.  
The left is outraged.  This is the same left that stood by and said nothing about President Clinton’s behavior.  Or Senator Ted Kennedy.  Or the same left that supports Mrs. Clinton, the woman who tried to destroy the bimbos who erupted in the 1990s.
We also learned about Mrs. Clinton’s speeches and how she is OK with a public and private position.  This is how she went “populist” in the primary and “Wall Street” in front of the banks.  We understand now why Wall Street loves her so much.  They all know she is telling the lefty voters what they want to hear but will turn out to be their best friend in The Oval Office.
At the end of the day, the parties failed us.  The Democrats created an automatic path to the nomination for Mrs. Clinton.  They made it impossible for anyone to challenge her.  They failed their own voters, as most of Sanders’s supporters should know by now.  How can Senator Sanders keep his credibility by continuing his support for Mrs. Clinton after these transcripts were released?
The GOP permitted 17 candidates to run for president.  The net result was that a candidate was able to get the nomination with a plurality.    
Someone will win this thing, and God bless America, because it won’t be pretty.  The next president will face a full table of unfinished business.  More importantly, #45 will have to tell us some rather unpleasant things, such as the dismantling of Obamacare and that troops are going back to the Middle East.  It will take a person of character to deliver those speeches.
God help us now more than ever!
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