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As I wrote before, Rachel's Vineyard is one of my favorite ministries. They do so much to help women deal with post abortion depression and guilt. 

Emily Holman wrote this song to comfort a friend:
"I wrote this song in 2000 for a friend of mine who shared with me her abortion experience from over twenty years earlier.She went through a post abortion bible study at our local crisis pregnancy center and asked me to write a song for the memorial service.I prayed that the Holy Spirit would give me the words to say and He did just that.I feel that this song was truly written and inspired by the Holy Spirit and I have merely been an instrument to spread the message of truth, healing, and hope."
I found this song over the weekend. I hope that you like it as much as I did:

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder what you would be
And if you’re an angel that’s following me.
What would I see if I looked in your eye
Since all of your hopes and your dreams were denied?
I never knew it was more than a choice

Your heart was beating but you had no voice

An innocent life without a name
I chose to end because of my shame.
But God in his patience waited for me.
Forgiveness and grace He gave freely.
Healing my heart and giving me hope –
Amazing grace He gives.

Sometimes I wonder what the world could be
If eyes were opened and people could see-
There’s only one truth and it’s given to all.

We’re the image of God no matter how small.

He came to the world to give us light

But the world in its darkness preferred the night.
He gave his own life that I should live.

How can I be worthy of such a gift?
As deep as the ocean as wide as the sky
God’s love surrounds me and lifts me high.
I never knew a love like this
God in His mercy forgives.

Sometimes I wonder what I could be
If I opened my heart for others to see
The pain that I’ve hidden from so long ago
What would they think if my secret they would know?
But the way to be free is embrace my cross-
To help someone else who is facing this choice.
For God doesn’t see things the way that we do
His thoughts are higher and His ways are true
God the Father and God the Son
Holy Spirit, three in one

Give me the courage to help someone
God in His mercy forgives.

Amazing grace He gives.
He died so I could live.
Sometimes I wonder"

Great song by Emily Holman. You will find other songs like Emily's at Rachel's Vineyard.




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