Saturday, July 02, 2016

Joe DiMaggio reaches # 45 and sets a new record!

Joe DiMaggio got to # 45 and broke the previous record of # 44:
"On July 2, the Yankees again faced the Red Sox. Joe DiMag was intent on getting a hit in his 45th straight game and setting a new major league record at Yankee Stadium.
Dom DiMaggio, Joe's bespectacled younger brother, was stationed in his normal position for the Red Sox, centerfield.  Joe had invited him to dinner that evening at his home.
In his first at bat against Boston pitcher Herber Newsome, DiMaggio smashed a long drive that was flagged down by Stan Spence.  Joe Dee swung a bit more forcefully his second  time up and drove the ball to center field. Breaking at top speed as soon as he heard the crack of his older brother's bat against the ball, Dom ran  it down and made a dramatic catch to rob his brother of an extra base hit. The two brothers rarely showed emotion on the baseball field, but looking at each other this time from inside their Yankee and Red Sox uniforms, they showed how they felt. 
"It was a great catch," Joe recalled, "one of the best Dom had ever made. I was tempted at that point to withdraw the dinner invitation for the evening."
In his third turn at bat, with two teammates on bases, hungering for a hit, Joe took no chances. He belted the ball into the seats for what would be one of the 30 home runs he would hit that historic 1941 season. He had the record, and it had come against arch-rival Boston.
The New York Yankees centerfielder and the Boston centerfielder dined that evening. "While Dom lapped up my steak and ate my spaghetti," Joe mused, "he had the audacity to tell me, 'You know, Joe, I couldn't have gone another inch for that ball.'""
From now on, every game was a new record!

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