Friday, April 19, 2013

Some good news from Mexico

Mexico has been on the front pages because of the "cartel war" going on south of the border.  

It started in 2006 when then new President Calderon decided to put the military in the forefront of the fight against the cartels. 

On the negative side, the human cost has been very high, or 100,000 according to some reports.

On the positive side, it looks like Ciudad Juarez has made huge improvements.     Alfredo Corchado of The Dallas Morning News reports some good news:

"A $400 million federal expenditure on projects in Juárez also has made significant impact in restoring confidence. Indications are that police are now able to return to normal law-enforcement duties with less fear of being targeted.....

355 people are in line to get jobs with the Juárez police force — a rarity for a job notorious for its high risk.."

We hope that the trend continues too.  We need a prosperous, vibrant and safe Mexico on our southern border.

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