Monday, March 25, 2013

The GOP needs to start thinking positively

Am I the only who can not find the president with the big mandate? 

Remember how he was going to crush the GOP and pick up the House in 2014?  

Recall  how the media ranked President Obama as a political force capable of moving mountains, lowering our temperatures and even getting red-state Democrats to vote "blue"?

Don't look now but Senate Democrats are now buying into "hope and change".  In fact, President Obama can not even get a "gun control" law after the terrible tragedies of Aurora and Newtown.
How is he going to pass a bill on climate change, or a carbon tax or more "taxes on the rich" with these Democrats?   The answer is that President Obama may have 55 Democrat Senators but he does not  have the votes to support his agenda.  

We also see Democrats "repealing" the medical device tax, a major blow for ObamaCare.  There are also a lot of Senate Democrats rethinking The Keystone Pipeline.

My point is that the Democrats have problems, too.  Frankly, some of their problems are just as big, if not bigger, than ours.  So let's think positive and stop dwelling on the losses of 2012!

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