Saturday, February 23, 2013

Whatever happened to affordable health care?

My candidate for quote of the year is from Jill Zorn, senior program officer at the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.  This is what she said about The Affordable Health Care Act:

"The single biggest issue we face now is affordability....."

I guess that's like saying that my biggest concern with that new pitcher is that he can't pitch!

Affordable health care is now turning into quite for a challenge for those who promised it.  

We spoke on Friday with Dr Ileana Johnson-Paugh,  my favorite economist.  She economics interesting rather than the dismal science that we learned in school.

Her new article is just fantastic and outlines everything that is wrong with the legislation that no one read.  Her advise is simple, i.e. pray that you don't get sick:

"To safeguard from disaster, take care of your body, eat right, exercise if you can, and pray very hard that you will not get sick."

Yes, get out the rosary, bible and start praying because the AHA is not affordable or very good.

Click here for our chat with Dr Ileana Johnson about the US economy:

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