Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Violence in Central America can not be overlooked

We've focused on Mexico and the US-Mexico border over the last couple of years.  However, there is a region south of Mexico with lots of problems and concerns for the US.

Central America is made up of small countries.  It is a beautiful region with lots of resources and a very rich history.  At the same time, its governments are under seige from well armed cartels who will not hesitiate to bribe politicians and gain access to routes to the US.

Sadly, the region has zero influence in the US.  The countries are small so commerce is very insignificant for the US.   However, the security crisis is real and we need to support leaders in those countries who want to stand up for democracy.  

Click for Tuesday's show with Ray Wasler of The Heritage Foundation & Juan Gutierrez, a businessman who ran for president of Guatemala a few years ago.:

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