Sunday, February 10, 2013

Uncle Orlando & Uncle Jose's deaths inspired me to finish "Cubanos in Wisconsin"

As I mentioned before, "Cubanos in Wisconsin" was a project that I had been working on for several years.  However, I committed my time and effort after my two uncles died in 2008 and 2010.

Uncle Jose died of cancer in 2008.  His death was painful but anticipated.  He had been battling cancer for a few years.  Jose was an architect and graduated from The University of Havana in the 1950s.  This is a picture from their wedding in 1957.  We were fortunate to be with Uncle Jose and Aunt Carmen for their 50th anniversary in 2007:

Uncle Orlando's death was more of a shock.  I saw him in Dallas a few years ago.  His death was terrible news.  It was Orlando who wrote to us to tell us that the church in Wisconsin was willing to relocate us up to Wisconsin.  This is a picture of Uncle Orlando and Aunt Vilma in Cuba:

So I decided to start and finish the project by 2012.  I committed myself to a daily plan and finished by the spring of 2012.   It was sent to the publisher in September.

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