Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Cubans: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others

We spoke today with Fernando Hernandez, the author of The Cubans.  We discussed the legacy of Cuban American politicians.  It was so interesting to learn that a Cuban American was the Mayor of Key West in the 19th century and more recently Wichita, Kansas.

Of course, we analyzed the developing careers of Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz, the new Senator from Texas.  They are both articulate young men with an amazing future in politics.  I believe that Sen Rubio  has a very legitimate shot at winning the presidency in 2016.  Sen Cruz can not run for p resident because he was born in Canada but will very likely be a very significant player in the future.  He delivers the conservative message better than anyone I've heard!

We looked at Rep Ileana Ros of Florida.  She has grown into a very competent legislator focusing on local and national security issues.  

It was a good chat and another reminder of the Cuban legacy in the US.

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