Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Some early thoughts about "Cubanos in Wisconsin"

A couple of readers' comments have really caught my attention.

My friend Aaron Clarey, or Captain Capitalism, posted something very interesting about the book today:

"The real reason you should buy his book is because it is a direct refutation of all the leftist tripe your teachers and professors are feeding your kids.  This one book will dispel any notions about Cuba, Castro and communism being some kind of misunderstood ideology that just "hasn't been implemented right."  It shows via personal account just what a despicable and evil regime it is and how innocent people suffer.  I believe if you have some lippy kid coming back from college this summer with stupid ideas planted in his head, this would be an ideal gift to hit him upside the head with." 

My friend Fernando Hernandez, author of "The Cubans", wrote this:

" "I want to compliment you Silvio Canto Jr, for providing us with a wonderful true tale of courage, determination, and tenacity of a family in establishing a new life in the USA after leaving communist Cuba. Your book is a testament to what happens when tyranny destroys a country and its moral and social values. It also serves as an example of how Cuban political refugees struggled and then succeeded through their hard work and dedication in the United States.

This is a must read for all those who want to learn what really happened to the average Cuban when communism took root there in 1959. Cubanos in Wisconsin should be read by freedom-loving people everywhere."

Two interesting reactions and perspectives.   We appreciate both!

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