Saturday, February 09, 2013

It's Saturday and more BO-Care surprises

It's Saturday and another opportunity to update Obama Care, a.k.a. The Affordable Health Care Act.  

Check this from Brandon Crocker

"Some of the ugly details of Obamacare, the most far-reaching piece of legislation to be passed without a single member of Congress having actually read it—indeed not even having been allowed a serious chance to read it—have only been gaining attention in recent months. 
Looking forward to 2014, employers are now looking at an additional $63 per insured employee fee to compensate insurance companies for the added costs of covering previously uninsured people with pre-existing conditions. 
That’s supposed to phase out by 2017, but if you believe that you probably also bought the line that Obama is in favor of a “balanced” approach to deficit reduction."

We learned this week that about 7 million people will lose their employer insurance.  We also heard from Catholic bishops that the mandates are still a problem 

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