Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dear Media: This is what happens when you are in the tank for President Obama

My new American Thinker post.

We woke up yesterday to a rather interesting article over at Politico:  Obama, the puppet master

It complains that President Obama is like the master manipulator or the man who always gets his way with the media.

The article is right about how technology has changed the way that the president can go around the traditional media.  However, the media has brought this on itself.  The media has gladly allowed itself to be manipulated by the man that they are secretly in love with. In the world of romance novels they would call this "blind love."

Again, this is what happens when you are in the tank for a president. He does not respect or care about you.

It started in the '08 campaign and continued during his first term and into the '12 election. This is a man who was allowed to run for reelection on the basis that Romney would kill your wife, outsource your job, send your grandmother back to Mexico and take birth control pills from women.

The media allowed President Obama to get away with a reelection campaign devoid of serious proposals or presentations.  For example, no one challenged President Obama on the US Senate's failure to pass a budget or his continuation of the Bush anti-terror policies that he criticized so much during the campaign.

Why in the world would President Obama want to spend a Sunday afternoon taking photos with such a bunch of media puppies?  Why not leave these silly puppies in the bus and play with his real dog? 

President Obama treated the media down in Florida the same way that a 16-year old boy treats the girl who's been begging him to take her the prom.  He invited someone else and left the girl broken hearted and crying all the way home!

President Obama has never been challenged on anything, from deficit spending to executive orders to Benghazi.  He has governed at will always knowing that the media would carry the bags for him.

The media has a choice.  They can be journalists or puppies.  They can challenge the president with serious questions or they can spend their time crying to each other in the bus.

In the meantime, we are still in dark about President Obama's state of mind on the night that an ambassador and 3 other US citizens were killed by terrorists in Benghazi

Maybe the media can get their reputation back by looking into the Benghazi story.  

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