Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Obama speech that didn't mention Latin America

My new American Thinker Post.

It is getting harder and harder to take President Obama seriously.  Can someone explain to me how last night's "campaign speech" contributed to fixing our problems, or even understand them?

I agree with The Dallas Morning News: President offers programs but no debt solution

He wants Congress to vote but forgets to tell us that the Senate Democrats have not passed a budget or even brought any of the Obama proposals to a vote. Does anybody remember the last time that the Senate Democrats put a serious issue to a vote? 

Am I the only one who feels insulted by this man's total lack of seriousness or disregard for reality?

Tuesday night, President Obama continued his disregard for Latin America. I guess that President Obama must think that Latinos just spend the whole day thinking about "immigration reform" or anticipating "5 de Mayo" speeches.

Down under, and I mean south of Texas, we see violence exploding in Central America. The cartels are getting crushed in Mexico so they are finding fertile terrain in little countries like Guatemala and Honduras. 

We spoke yesterday on my show with Ray Walser of The Heritage Foundation & Juan Gutierrez, a businessman who ran for president of Guatemala. They are both alarmed by what is happening in the region. 

Even more dangerous, we see growing signs of Iran's influence in Latin America.

Benny Avni reminds us of the Caracas-Tehran romance that will not promote US interests in the region:
"Western intelligence agencies have been watching Venezuela's dealings with Iran with increasing alarm. Iran and its allies (including Syrian President Bashar Assad) get gasoline from Venezuela, which in return buys Iranian know-how - perhaps in housing, but surely in arms and other sinister stuff.
Trade between Iran and Latin America rose to $3.6 billion in 2011. With the exception of Brazil, the largest trading partners (Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela) were largely motivated by anti-Americanism." (Avni)
This is happening 3 hours south of Miami!

President Obama's indifference has divided Latin America into two blocs: The leftists who love preaching socialism and doing business with Iran; and the success stories, like Colombia, Peru, Chile & Mexico, who must be wondering if President Obama understands what is happening south of the border.

Frankly, it's frightening to watch how President Obama has mastered the art of pandering, from calls for minimum wage & telling "hispanos" what they want to hear.

At the same time, it is even more frightening to see how Latin America is getting away from us because we have a leader who does not understand that "leadership" is also part of the job description.

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