Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another "class warfare" speech that will kill jobs

Pres BO delivered The State of the Union Speech with a couple of challenges:

1) He did not win a mandate in 2012.  He got 50.7% of the vote in a campaign that was all about demonizing Gov Romney rather than proposing any serious solutions to our difficult problems; and,

2) The latest Gallup and Rasmussen confirm that Pres BO is under 50% on most issues.  In other words, Pres BO's approach is not persuading voters, as Power Line posted earlier this evening:

"The only area where Obama scores reasonably well is national defense, where most people think he has continued the policies of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Other than that, after four-plus years, Americans have pretty well decided they don’t like what Obama is trying to accomplish. Tonight the president will push hard to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, an issue on which, as Paul noted earlier today, he seems to be within sight of victory. Yet, according to Gallup, his position commands only minority support at 46-48.
Things get worse from there. Americans strongly disapprove of Obama on gun policy (42-54), taxes–another major focus of tonight’s speech (41-57), the economy (a stunning 39-60), the Middle East (36-55) and the federal budget deficit (31-65). Lots of luck turning that around with another mind-numbingly dull State of the Union." 

The Rasmussen numbers are about the same, i.e. Pres BO is under 50% of his handling of most issues.

Pres BO's problem is that he does not understand that "class warfare" speeches do not create jobs or promote investment.  

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