Monday, February 25, 2013

Afghanistan, Iran and more scary talk from President BO

The White House wants you to think that the world will end if "the sequester" goes into effect on Friday or March 1st.  In fact, Pres BO wants you to think that the police will not show up to work, the inspectors won't check the meat and the airports will close.

The "sequester" episode just confirms the disconnect between Washington's political class and the people who pay the taxes.  In Washington DC, the issue is saving their government jobs.  Outside of the beltway, the issue is spending out of control and the "un-sustainability" of the debt.

Of course, another big issue is the brewing economic perfect storm.  Have you seen your paycheck lately?  put gas in your car?  did you get your insurance renewal premiums?  Americans are being hit in their pockets and there is growing concern that consumer spending could be impacted. 

Last, but not least, we heard today that Afghanistan wants to remove special forces from a certain region.  The Afghan mission is growing more and more unpopular.  Pres Karsai's comments won't help.  At the same, let's remember that we are leaving and Pres Karsai has terrorists to deal with after our departure.

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