Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why such a partisan speech?

Frankly, I can't remember much about inauguration speeches in recent years. 

I do recall Pres Carter turning around and graciously thanking Pres Ford for everything that he had done to heal the country after Watergate.  It was classy and very well-deserved praise.  

Later, I remember the first Pres Bush talking about bringing the nation together, or "the 1,000 points of light." 

Today, Pres BO surprised me with such a partisan speech.  It was unnecessary.  Nobody was in a partisan mood except Pres BO.

He did not mention any big themes, except for more of the same about social justice.  "Gay rights" may be an important issue to Pres BO and the left but the people are more interested in jobs.  Also, there was not a word about the deficit, or the silent killer threatening our economy.

Again, I don't get it.  Nobody wanted to hear a partisan speech except Pres BO and some of his most ardent supporters.

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