Thursday, January 03, 2013

Why should Pres BO push immigration reform if "Hispanos" gave him 71% support for doing nothing in his first term?

The Dallas Morning News has a good editorial today calling on Pres BO to do something about immigration reform:

"The president’s words to NBC’s David Gregory are only that — words. What will really matter is whether he puts his muscle into the task this year. We suggest that Obama start by looking at the example of former President George W. Bush. Back in 2006 and 2007, the Republican and his administration constantly worked Capitol Hill to pass a comprehensive plan. They failed, largely because Senate Republicans balked. But the opposition didn’t stop the Bush White House from fully engaging Congress, including recalcitrant Republicans.
Obama may have a similar problem with his own party. The dirty little secret in the 2006 and 2007 immigration battles was that some Democrats were content to let Senate Republicans kill the effort. Labor-friendly Democrats didn’t want a bill, either.
And they may not want one this year. That reluctance is a major reason the president needs to invest in this fight. He must figure out how to bring enough Democrats along, while also reaching out to Republicans."

I'd love to share the paper's optimism.

In reality, "Hispanos" taught Pres BO & Dems an important lesson:  "Keep giving "5 de Mayo" speeches, blaming Republicans and never proposing anything.....keep doing that and we will vote overwhelmingly for you"!

In other words, Pres BO does not fear the "Hispano" vote.  He is convinced that "hispanos" will blindly get on the "si se puede" parade and vote for him.

Am I optimistic about a rational immigration reform?  I am not because the Dem party opposes "work visas", a major ingredient in any immigration reform.

Put me down as a realist pessimist because Pres BO has no incentive to do anything about immigration reform as long as Hispanos keep drinking "el kool aid".  

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