Monday, January 28, 2013

Whatever happened to the imperial presidency?

This is my new American Thinker post.
 President Obama keeps pushing the envelope on executive powers and the left is largely silent.  

Where are all of those "imperial presidency" Democrats who used to complain about President Bush?  I guess that they must be hiding trying to figure out how they are going to explain their intellectual dishonesty.

Yes, they must be hiding with all of those liberals who told us that Guantanamo recruited terrorists or that drones were turning off the locals.

President Obama got the US involved in a war in Libya by going to the UN and not the US Congress.  I'm all for giving the president the to flexibility to react to emergencies but Libya was a preemptive war.   He had time to ask Congress for a resolution.

Second, he went around Congress and offered "special immigration status" to the "dreamers".  I happen to be one of those who thinks that a special arrangement should be made for these young dreamers but it should pass Congress as the Constitution intended it.
Third, he appointed 3 people to the NLRB.or the now famous recess appointments.  He did this because he knew that these candidates would not pass Congress.   Fourth,  he appointed Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  Again, no role for Congress.

A day ago, a Court determined that Obama had exceeded his authority.  It found the appointments unconstitutional.
I like the Court's decision.  It is not final and could end up in the Supreme Court.  Nevertheless, the message was sent and  hopefully received at the White House.

Most important, where are the liberals?  Where are the marches?  It would be nice to see a liberal stand up and be intellectually honest.
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