Wednesday, January 09, 2013

President Nixon would have been 100 today

Pres Nixon was born in California 100 years ago today.  He continues to be the most controversial president of the last 50 years.  He is admired and hated, loved and despised.

Pres Nixon was really the first politician that I followed.  I recall the '68 and '72 campaigns as a student.  Who will ever forget his trip to China?  or the resignation speech?  or the farewell speech the day that he left and Pres Ford came in?

Time has actually been kind to Pres Nixon.  He is now remembered as a great foreign policy strategist who managed the US out of Vietnam and opened the door to China.   His post presidency books are great, from "Leaders" to his incredible memoirs titled "RN".

Of course, Watergate will always be on the resume, too.

Pres Nixon also had a very nice family.  Mrs Nixon was a wonderful First Lady.  His two daughters are great.

It does not seem possible but Pres Nixon would have turned 100 today.  I guess that it also means that I am getting older too.

Happy birthday Pres Nixon!

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