Saturday, January 05, 2013


Let's add David Ignatius of The Washington Post to the growing list of commentators who believe that Pres BO is MIA, or "missing in action":

"It would be hard to imagine a more dispiriting prelude to a new presidential term than this week’s sorry “fiscal cliff” deal to defer (and perhaps multiply) the nation’s financial problems. After President Obama failed to negotiate a serious “grand bargain,” he had to be rescued with a mini-bargain brokered by Vice President Biden, the loquacious master of old-time, cracker-barrel politics."

VP Biden to the rescue?  Is that scary or what?

Yesterday, the very respected economist Robert Samuelson made the same point:

"The "fiscal cliff" is a massive failure of presidential leadership. The tedious and technical negotiations are but a subplot in a larger drama. Government can no longer fulfill all the promises it has made to various constituencies. Some promises will be reduced or disavowed. Which ones? Why? Only the president can pose these questions in a way that starts a national conversation over the choices to be made, but doing so requires the president to tell people things they don't want to hear. That's his job: to help Americans face unavoidable, if unpleasant, realities. Barack Obama has refused to play this role."

"The President may console himself that he favourably compares to rather uninspiring congressional leadership. But that only highlights that America’s leadership crisis is far-reaching. If this is government of the people, by the people and for the people, the people are in poor shape."
That is correct!  Pres BO refuses to play the role of president, unless he is invited to MTV to talk about "hip hop" or answer silly questions about himself on "The view".
We need a president but we have "a man missing in action".

I guess that this is what you get when "low information voters" make the difference in an election. 

P.S. Rush Limbaugh calls them "morons".  He is right!   Click here for our show with Bruce Krasting:

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