Monday, January 21, 2013

Pres BO starts Part 2 with a very divided country

Day 1 of the second term starts today.  We congratulate Pres BO but confess that there are some serious problems ahead:

First, Pres BO's approvals are around 50%.  In other words, this is a 50-50 nation again.

Second, Pres BO has a very partisan tone these days.  He does not look like a man who wants to unite the country.  Instead, he comes across as a man who wants to settle scores.

Third, foreign policy will be the "wildcard" of 2013.  I don't know what will happen in the Middle East but it could go really bad.

Fourth, Pres BO's indifference toward spending or our financial crisis is very troubling.  Doesn't he understand that a country can not continue to run these deficits?  The financial crisis will limit his options!

Again, we wish Pres BO well but we would also like to see a little bit more respect for opposing points of view.

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