Friday, January 25, 2013

"NO" to women in combat

NO NO NO to girls in combat.....this is PC gone crazy......I hope that women oppose this because it is a very bad idea for many reasons......
My friend Barry Jacobsen knows a thing or two about military service.  He wrote this today about women in combat:
"So why do I think Leon Panetta and (ultimately) the Pentagon brass have surrendered common sense to the pressures of political correctness? Because, simply put, women in general just can’t hack it.
Not that women can’t handle the incredible emotional stress of combat: some can. Nor am I saying that a woman can’t pull a trigger or launch a rocket with as much accuracy as her male counterparts: again, some can. Some women will, if allowed the opportunity, be able to “make the grade” and stand beside their male comrades. Some.
What most women cannot do is carry their own weight. That is to say, the weight of the required equipment EVERY combat infantryman must be able to “hump”."
This is not about equality.  It's common sense.  Women can not carry the equipment that a modern soldier has to travel with.  Again, it's common sense not civil rights.
Again, this is not about equality.  It's about common sense.

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