Thursday, January 03, 2013

Immigration reform and the Democrats think that "hispanos" are stupid!

Just watched former Speaker Pelosi deliver a speech before the Congress.  She was elected as Minority Leader and introduced Mr Boehner as the new Speaker.

During her remarks, ML Pelosi said that we need immigration reform.  She said it was very important.  Her fellow Dems got up and applauded.

What's wrong with ML Pelosi calling for immigration reform?  

Well, she never put a proposal before Congress during  her tenure as Speaker.  In fact, she never presented any proposal for a vote.  Furthermore, Pres BO never formally call for a vote either!

Let me say it again:  The Democrats think that Hispano voters are "stupid". 

They will continue to believe that as long as Hispanos keep voting for them without demanding the minimum of accountability.

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