Monday, January 07, 2013

Don't blame me: I voted for Romney

During the presidential campaign, many of us had a sense of "deja-vu" whenever we argued with Obama's supporters.

Frankly, most of them were caught up in the Obama magic rather than understanding whatever their candidate stood for.

For example, 71% of Hispanics voted for Obama but the Obama administration never lifted a finger to propose immigration reform.  What were so many Hispanics voting for?  It was not results or a US policy toward Mexico or Latin America.

95% of blacks voted for Obama even though unemployment is a disaster in black  districts.

And an overwhelming number of single women drank the Kool Aid that Romney was going to take their birth control pills away.

The bad news is that Obama's appeal to "low information voters" worked and got  him the 3-4 million votes to go over the line.

The good news is that Obama's supporters will now have to deal with the reality that their guy was full of crap.  

We woke up to another Obama-Care story:

"Obamacare opponents warned that forcing companies employing 50 or more full-time workers to buy healthcare would prompt employers to slash jobs and worker hours.  And that’s exactly what’s happening, says one of President Barack Obama’s favorite economists, Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics. “It will have a negative impact on job creation” this year, says Mr. Zandi."

Add to this the "paycheck shock" happening all over the country.  In other words, people are finding out that their checks are smaller this month.  Check this from Joseph Curl:

"Shocker. Democrats who supported the president’s re-election just had NO idea that his steadfast pledge to raise taxes meant that he was really going to raise taxes. They thought he planned to just hit those filthy “1 percenters,” you know, the ones who earned fortunes through their inventiveness and hard work. They thought the free ride would continue forever.
So this week, as taxes went up for millions of Americans — which Republicans predicted throughout the campaign would happen — it was fun to watch the agoggery of the left."

Again, we get the government we deserve, specially when our government is the result of "low information voters" drinking Kool Aid!  

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