Thursday, January 10, 2013

DFW sports: Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, Cotton Bowl, Mavericks and others

We caught up with David Busby and Carlos Torres about local sports.  We started with the news that the NHL is back.  The Stars will play a 48 game season and it starts next week.  The Stars are young but it takes more than 2 weeks of pre-season to get a team ready.

Second, the Cowboys fired Defensive Coordinator Ryan.  I'm not surprised but the Cowboys need a GM so that Jerry Jones can go back to playing owner.
Third, The Cotton Bowl was a smash, specially if you are an Aggies' fan.  Johnny Manziel put on a show worthy of the Heisman.  We hear that the championship game could be played in Dallas in 2015.  Is it too much to ask to have the Aggies play for  championship game at the Cotton Bowl?  against Texas?

Fourth, no one was selected to the Hall of Fame.  What are Biggio, Morris & Bagwell supposed to do to get in the Hall of Fame?  I understand all of the hesitation to put Bonds, Sosa, etc.  However, I don't get Biggio, a man with 3,000 hits, or Morris, one of the most dominant right handers of his time, or Bagwell, a great power hitter playing in the specious AstroDome where no one hit home-runs.

The Rangers have added AJ Persynski and Lance Berkman, a couple of veterans that will replace Mike Napoli and Michael Young.  I still think that management will make a major trade to bring a big bat, such as Stanton (Marlins) or Upton (DBacks).
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