Saturday, January 19, 2013

A word about Earl Weaver

We just heard that Earl Weaver passed away at age 82.  We understand that Earl and his wife were in a cruise and he collapsed.

Earl Weaver was the legendary manager of the Baltimore Orioles from 1968 to 1982.  He came back for one season in 1986 and retired again.

During his tenure, the O's were in 4 World Series and won the AL East 6 times.  He managed Hall of Famers like Brooks & Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray and he was the one who moved Cal Ripken from 3b to shortstop in his rookie season of 1982.  He had four 20-game winners in the 1971 Orioles. 

Earl was well known for his fights with umpires and Jim Palmer.    He was one of the greatest managers in baseball history.

RIP Earl Weaver!  Thanks for all of the great baseball memories!

Click to watch a couple of Earl's videos. Let me warn you that the second video is very R-rated:

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