Friday, December 28, 2012

Where is Sec of State Clinton?

Our friend Bill Katz of Urgent Agenda has a good post today on the whereabouts of Sec of State Clinton:

"Of course, it's possible that Clinton will run out the clock and leave office before she has to testify before Congress about Benghazi.  However, as I understand it, she could still be subpoenaed, and would still be under oath.
If she's seriously ill, we the people have a right to know about it.  She's the highest-ranking member of the Cabinet and fourth in line for the presidency. 

Does the media have questions?  Or don't we question the queen?"

Bill is right.  We need to know more about what happened in Libya 3 months ago.  We lost 4 citizens, including the US Ambassador.  

There are serious questions still waiting for an answer.

First, why didn't we try to rescue these men under attack at the US facility?

Second, who told Amb Rice to go out and peddle the video story?  Why was Pres BO peddling the same story for weeks?

Third, where was Pres BO during the attack?  Was he told about the attack?    

My guess is that Sec Clinton will speak next week or right before Sec Kerry is confirmed.  It won't be a pretty meeting and we will learn a lot about a very ugly incident.  

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