Sunday, December 30, 2012

No hockey (or hockey fights) is a bummer this winter in Dallas

In recent years, we've had a perfect sports year for DFW fans.

From the Rangers to the Cowboys to college football to the Mavericks to college basketball and to the Stars.

We've something to watch or follow just about every night.

Unfortunately, the "circle was broken" again this year with another NHL labor dispute.

Frankly, I get what both sides are angry about.  The owners need some concessions because the NHL does not have the big TV contract that other sports have.  Also, the owners "overexpanded" and there are simply too many teams in too many places without a hockey heritage.

On the other hand the players are the stars.  Fans pay to watch them not the owners.  I can't blame players for seeking the best deal that they can get.

Sadly, the fans are just watching this 'labor fight' rather than our heroes with hockey sticks and "punching" for real.

It's a bummer, a mess and I hope that someone breaks the deadlock.

P.S. Enjoy a little history:

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