Friday, December 21, 2012

La niña de Guatemala, a Jose Marti poem sung by Laredo

HERE IS AN EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR ALL......Jose Marti wrote these verses about the young woman who drowned.....she apparently loved Marti and couldn't cope with the reality that Marti was married.....frankly, I don't know for sure but the lyrics and this melody are just beautiful.

"Quiero, a la sombra de un ala,
Contar este cuento en flor:
La niña de Guatemala,
La que se murió de amor.
Eran de lirios los ramos,
Y las orlas de reseda
Y de jazmín: la enterramos
En una caja de seda.
 ...Ella dio al desmemoriado
Una almohadilla de olor:
El volvió, volvió casado:
Ella se murió de amor.
Iban cargándola en andas
Obispos y embajadores:
Detrás iba el pueblo en tandas,
Todo cargado de flores.
 Ella, por volverlo a ver,
Salió a verlo al mirador:
El volvió con su mujer:
Ella se murió de amor.
 Se entró de tarde en el río,
La sacó muerta el doctor:
Dicen que murió de frío:
Yo sé que murió de amor."


The Girl of Guatemala
At a wing’s shade, I want to tell  This story, like a flower:
The girl from Guatemala,  The girl that died of love.

The flowers were lilies, And mignonette ornaments
And jasmine: we buried her  In a silk casket.
She gave to the forgetful A perfumed sachet:
He came back, came back married: She died of love.
She was carried in a procession By bishops and ambassadors:
Behind were the town’s people in groups
They were all carrying flowers.
She, wanted to see him again,
She stepped out to the balcony:
He came back with his wife: She died of love.
She went into the river at dusk,
She was dead when the doctor pulled her out:
Some say she died of coldness: But I know she died of love.

Here is the song from Laredo.  I don't have a free copy of the song but would recommend that you buy a copy for 99 cents from this link:

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