Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's Bush's fault: Pres BO & Dem Senate will continue his wiretapping policies

Another victory for W, or the man who used to be accused of raping the Constitution and make us so unpopular with "the sophisticated" class of Europe.

Yesterday, the US Senate voted 73-23 to continue the policies of Pres Bush:

"Congress approved a measure Friday that would renew expansive U.S. surveillance authority for five more years, rejecting objections from senators who are concerned the legislation does not adequately protect Americans’ privacy.

The bill passed the Senate 73 to 23…

The lopsided Senate vote authorized a continuation of the government’s ability to eavesdrop on communications inside the United States involving foreign citizens without obtaining a specific warrant for each case."

By the way, the House passed a similar bill and Pres BO is expected to sign it Monday.

My reaction is a combination of joy and anger.

First, thank God that there is sanity in the Dem Senate.   The Dems are certainly a lot less concerned about the "rights" of terrorists now that they run the government.   Remember closing GITMO or having "unconditional meetings" with "the low life" of the world?

Second, aren't the Dems a bunch of hypocritical jerks?  Who is going to apologize to Pres Bush or VP Cheney.

Third, where are the marches?  Were are the "Pink Ladies"?  Where is the international left now that Obama is Bush?

Fourth, will the "intelligent" people at The Nobel Peace Prize committee ask Pres BO to return it?  He has betrayed all of those promises to reverse the Bush policies that the "intellegent" and "sophisticated" Europeans hated so much.   

God bless George W Bush and he had the political toughness to do the right thing and not listen to people like Senator Barrack Obama!

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