Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hillary's concussion PLUS the passing of Robert H Bork

Let me touch on a couple of topics today.
We just learned that Robert H Bork passed away.   Mr Bork was one of the best constitutional lawyers of our time.  His biggest mistake is that he believed in the real constitution NOT the one that finds abortion and other "rights".
Of course, he will be also remember for the political term "borked".  His nomination to the Supreme Court turned into a circus.  It was all about abortion!
Mr Bork also wrote a good book:  Slouching towards Gomorrah.  I hate to say it but Mr Bork turned out to be a prophet about the decline of the US.  
His other book (The tempting of America) was about the aforementioned 1987 nomination. 
Our second topic is the mystery of Sec Hillary Clinton's concussion.  Sec Clinton will not be testifying before Congress about the tragedy in Libya.   Her silence is a bit weird specially after the new report about what happened 3 months ago.

We will fondly remember Mr Bork and continue to wait for an explanation about the death of a US Ambassador and 3 other Americans.

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