Monday, December 10, 2012

Egypt and Syria present very difficult problems for Pres BO's 2nd term

In about 2 years, we've seen Egypt, Syria and Libya go from bad to worse.  

In Syria, we are now warning the regime not to use WMDs on their own people.  I agree with the warning but I just hope that we are willing to go through with it.  Furthermore, why weren't drawing "red lines" when 31,000 people were killed?

My concern in Syria is that there are no pretty options.  It would be a huge mistake to put US troops in a Syrian civil war, specially since we are not going to get much help from the other NATO countries.

In Egypt, Pres Morsi has made a mess really messy.  I don't see a happy ending to that one either.

In Libya, we are also in the middle of another civil war.  We are also waiting for an explanation of the terrorist attack and killing of 4 US citizens in September.

Add Iran and Israel and you have one gigantic mess!  

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