Monday, November 05, 2012

Romney wins 51-48% & about 295 EV's

The election is finally here. 

Let me make a few predictions:

1) The easy one is the GOP will keep the House & Ted Cruz will be our next US Senator. 

2) The US Senate will be 50-50.  Frankly, we should have won the US Senate easily but a couple of weak candidates in Missouri and Indiana are a drag on the GOP. 

3) The big contest is the presidency and Romney will win.

Romney will get about 51% of the popular vote and almost 290 EV's.

Romney will win every state that Pres Bush won in 2004 or 286 EVs. 

Take Nevada and New Mexico away and that takes you down to 274.  Adjust for the 2010 census and that takes up to 284.

Last, but not least, Romney will win Wisconsin and that's how you get to 295.

Pres BO has proven to be a disaster as an executive.  He lacked executive experience and has shown little regard for consensus.  It's time for a change and it starts on Tuesday night.

The Wisconsin State Journal just endorsed Romney.  They make a great case for Romney:

"Romney has been a strong leader in business and civic life. This includes turning around many troubled companies and the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Romney better understands how and why entrepreneurs and employers decide to expand and add jobs.  He's more likely to get the private-sector going strong again."

Yes, the WSJ is correct.  This is an election about leadership and Pres BO has not been a leader.   He has failed.  It's time for a new man and that man is Romney.

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