Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pres Obama should watch the new movie about Pres Lincoln

Pres Obama should take a day off and watch the new Lincoln movie.  He may pick up an idea or two about presidential leadership.

Pres Obama is in a difficult situation.  

He got reelected with generalities and telling a lot people what they wanted to hear.  For example, he wants to tax the rich?  Unfortunately, taxing the rich won't get us enough money to pay the bills.

At the same time, his left wing does not want compromise on entitlement reform.  

Reality, not the GOP, will force both sides to address spending.   We are spending way too much money, i.e. borrowing 40 cents of every dollar!

Pres BO should put everything on the table and tell the country that we can't kick the can forward anymore.   He may anger his base but win over people like me who want to see spending cut.  

He needs to go for the big play just like Lincoln did with the 13th amendment.

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