Thursday, November 08, 2012

Pres BO's cynical campaign got 270 votes but the country is more polarized than ever

We are still dealing with the reality that Pres BO's cynical reelection campaign worked.

Yes, the campaign of "war against women" or "tax cuts for the rich" put together a sufficient coalition to win an election.

Here are some numbers:  120 million people voted on Tuesday and Pres BO beat Gov Romney by 2 million votes, or less than 1%.

In other words, this election was very close, very very close.  There is no mandate out of this victory.

How does Pres BO govern now?  I don't know but the stock market may be telling us something today!   

Karl Rove is right: A relentlessly negative campaign secured a victory but will make it harder to govern in the second term.

Fred Barnes summarized it well:

"The president didn't run on his record or a vision or a plan for the next four years. His campaign consisted of using policy favors to lock up the support of his party's interest groups—liberals, labor, environmentalists, feminists, minorities—and dehumanizing his opponent, Mitt Romney. It worked."

Yes, it worked indeed but it will make governing very difficult. 

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