Friday, November 23, 2012

JFK: 49 years later

Hard to believe but it was 49 years ago:

"President John F. Kennedy is shot and killed as his motorcade drives through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy's suspected assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was believed to have used a mail-order rifle in order to shoot the president from the sixth story window of the Texas School Book Depository."

Yes, I remember this day.  We were in Cuba and I recall laying down on the living room floor.  The phone rang and my mom answered.  She said "Kennedy has been shot".  I recall silence and then my father came home a bit latter.

Later that day, I watched Castro on TV talking about the assasination.  I did not really understand the ramifications of the day's events but my dad watched TV and seemed worried.

We sat around and listened to "The Voice of America" in Spanish.  I think that many people thought that Castro would be blamed and Cuba invaded.

It just does not seem possible that it happened 49 years ago. 

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