Sunday, November 04, 2012

Immigration economics and a few other thoughts

We spoke about the Hispanic vote with Sylvia Guzman and George Rodriguez. 

In segment 2, we discussed Aaron Clarey's article about immigrants and economics:

"My final argument though is the most compelling.

Being an immigrant, chances are you have children.  The only reason the US population is growing is because immigrants are having more children than the natives.  What this means is you have "skin in the game" an English phrase that means you are personally invested in this country.  So if you don't want to study economics, you don't want to be educated and you are so naive you can't see a problem with a politician that promises "free everything" fine.  Your children will suffer your ignorance.  I'm lucky in this regard because I have no children.  Matter of fact I watch with a macabre fascination with the demise and collapse of the United States.  I'll be dead leaving no loved ones behind, I don't care.  However, you have much more at stake in the future of this country because you have children. 

So the choice is really up to you and all other immigrants in the United States.  You can keep going down the road you have before.  You can keep voting in politicians that promise you everything and in doing so will simply repeat the economic collapses of the countries you came from.   You can remain ignorant about history and economics of not just the United States, but your home country.  And you can be lazy about studying the finances of a country you are in charge of (because this is a democracy).  Just be prepared to have yourself or your children pay for the consequences.

I will, again, be watching the Titanic sink with everybody on it in macabre fascination."

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